The World’s First Wearable, Continuous Blood Pressure Monitor for remote monitoring of blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Tomer Bentzion, Co-Founder, CEO

Problem Tech Solves

Regulatory approved

Tech Brief

Through the repurposing of MEMS sensors used in aviation, we designed the world's first continuous, noninvasive, arterial pressure wearable technology. We coupled our MEMS sensors’ ability to measure actual radial arterial pressure with our AI-augmented platform to bring ICU-level monitoring home, providing accurate BP readings 24/7. Of the 1,000+ BP monitors in the marketplace, we are 1 of only 7% validated for accuracy, and we are the ONLY BP monitor highly correlated to the gold standard ICU-grade A-line. LiveMetric owns the world’s largest database of arterial line measurements from which we build our ML algorithms to ensure accuracy of every single reading as well as to identify risk of cardiovascular disease. This is especially relevant now that providers must rely on self-monitored blood pressure (SMBP) readings to design patient care plans, as in-office confirmation of home readings are not occurring due to COVID. The AHA & AMA's new SMBP codes reimburse providers to reduce barriers associated with widespread adoption of SMBP. Inconsistent use of BP cuffs leads to high variability in measurements. LiveMetric's monitoring is immune to variability/outlier readings because hundreds of readings can be passively taken each day and each measurement is guaranteed accurate as backed by our ML algorithm each measurement passes through. LiveMetric will help providers understand how pharmacologic therapies affect a patient’s hemodynamic status throughout the course of treatment. Because we can see and quantify the effect of medication administration on our pulse waveform, we can monitor medication adherence and physiological response to aid in treatment planning.

Tech Differentiators

The cuff can be painful, irritating, and the manual logging of data means less than 10% of patients bring their cuff data to their providers when requested. LiveMetric's band passively monitors BP day and night and will therefore drive high engagement rates. Additionally, medication adherence in hypertension is poor because people "feel fine." Our technology allows users the ability to correlate their lifestyle/behaviors to their blood pressure readings with both ease and accuracy. Our product utilizes a continuous feedback loop, resulting in users more easily adhering to their medication and other treatments as a result of the constant responses. For the 1st time nocturnal BP readings will be available while asleep. For every 5% decrease in blood pressure at night it reduces your risk for cardiovascular disease by 20%. Identification of morning surge and masked asleep hypertension, which are both indicators of CVD will also be available at scale, for the 1st time. LiveMetric can profile patterns of the full pressure waveform through AI/ML to identify risk of conditions only previously available through ECG, labs and ECHO, such as valvular impairment and regurgitation. We are studying 20+ CVD's currently. Providers can now titrate medicine in real time, which normally takes months to achieve (and previously required an office visit). The efficacy of a medicine can be seen quickly with LiveMetric, and care planning/treatment changes can be achieved via telehealth to improve outcomes. Designed to address a global epidemic at the low cost of $250 + freemium or $3/$9 monthly subscription fees.


HoMedics is the 2nd largest distributor of blood pressure cuffs in North America and they have committed to distribute LiveMetric at retail locations, such as Walgreens, Boots, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart. HoMedics is also an investor in LiveMetric. LiveMetric has a soft launch planned Q2 2021 across the UK with HoMedics UK. Full US/EU rollout with Walgreens-Boots planned in Q3/4 2021 through HoMedics (following FDA approval in Q4 2021) with distribution across Walgreens and Boots stores and via online retailers. The purpose it to provide easy access for payer/employer plan members to purchase the LiveMetric device and also for DTC targets. In-app support, UI/UX, and customer service will be provided in Spanish for confirmed Q1 2021 rollout across Spain for LTC facilities through a committed/signed distributor for $4M. The LiveMetric wristband and companion app are currently in use across hospital systems and remote patient monitoring/hospital-at-home programs in Israel, such as Sheba hospital who is a committed customer. LiveMetric will begin committed commercial contracts in September 2021 with US based ProHealth (payer plan) and Aurora Advocate Health (healthcare enterprise) for monitoring members with known hypertension and patients who come to the ED with a hypertensive crisis. In Q4 2021 LiveMetric will begin a partnership with Mayo health system for diagnosis of CVD and expanded ML algorithms to identify risk of CVD. Partnerships with Columbia and University of Chicago are underway to evaluate use of LiveMetric in congestive heart failure and other CVD.

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