One API, one contract, every medical record.

Troy Bannister

Problem Tech Solves

We solve for access to medical data. Developers can sign one contract & use the Particle API to access over 250,000,000 peoples records without patient portal credentials.

Tech Brief

We've integrated with most EMRs in the US and have abstracted the complex SOAP and IHE protocols into a modern RESTful API. Developers post patient demographics (name, DoB, address, etc.) and we use a proprietary Record Locator algorithm to find, clean and return the data in under 5 seconds.

Tech Differentiators

There are a few ways to get medical records today: (1) Fax, (2) Portal Scraping and (3) direct 1:1 integrations. Particle is different. We've done the hard work of getting access to EMRs and simplifying the integration into the most simple API possible. We don't require BAAs with every organization or patient portal credentials for authorization.


We recently raised a Series A & went thru some pretty deep diligence. We also have >20 customers.

Why Us

Access to data has been a problem in healthcare forever & people have been trying to solve it for decades - all the way back to Microsoft HealthVault. Because of the new Anti-Information Blocking Rule, we really have a shot of building the next Plaid for healthcare & Particle is uniquely positioned.

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