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Dr. Mohamed Shoura

Problem Tech Solves

Rapidly growing demand for a Pandemic Health Monitoring System driven by the COVID-19 crisis is now answered by its recently fielded iteration. CarePassport© is a modern, intuitive, data driven, and patient focused decision-support and pandemic management system. CarePassport© will help the State track, trace, manage, and develop mitigations for public health threats. Co-developed with Massachusetts General Hospital and experts from Harvard University, the platform enables communication with patients outside of facility walls and the ability to request the return of high-risk patients for more in-depth care. The application has proven itself to serve public health administrators and Doctors through reporting, analytics, and simultaneous updating of patient records through app interaction by both providers and patients. CarePassport additionally is collaborating on the the development of: a pain management app designed to allow patients to provide their caregivers with a summary of migraine symptoms, frequency, and previous treatments, as well as to help patients effectively manage their acute and chronic pain; a pediatric app to help parents track their children’s health and make it simpler for families to relay important health information quickly and safely; an AFib app to facilitate easier organization and access to important health data from different wearables and third-party apps and allow viewing of all health data from a single login. The applications are designed to empower providers with tools to accurately track population health data across all specialties, improve overall patient outcomes, and enable patients to become more directly involved with their own care.

Tech Brief

At its core, CarePassport© is a trusted healthcare application for patients to aggregate and access all their medical data, including medical images, lab results, dental records, clinical reports and more from different healthcare providers. The application allows for two-way communication between care providers and patients on an easy-to-use, free smartphone app. Patients can manage appointments, access their medical records and communicate with healthcare providers in unprecedented ways. Providers, hospital systems, and Health Departments now have a tool that improves managed care, disease tracking, and individual and en-masse communication for their entire patient base and provides a powerful policy decision-making tool for officials during times of crisis. For Health Departments in particular, this system provides an intuitive, easy to use and robust Electronic Medical Records system that can interface with local hospital systems—at a fraction of the typical investment.

Tech Differentiators

With years of major application development and healthcare experience, the CarePassport© team has been able to leverage their world class application/software technical capabilities to build a platform designed to help healthcare providers in their research to track COVID-19 (coronavirus) related symptoms of potentially infected patients. Co-developed with Massachusetts General Hospital, this platform enables communication with patients outside of facility walls and the ability to request the return of high-risk patients for more in-depth care. One advantage to the CarePassport© solution is that it offers a fully functioning and simple Electronic Health Record (EHR) Management system at the fraction of the cost of the large development, design, and implementation vendors. The features for EHR in the Care Passport are intuitive, interconnected, and easy to use both as a user and as an Administrator. Patients are enabled at home or work to report symptoms back to an organization’s call center via multilingual mobile app. Providers can utilize a multilingual command center tracker with numerous filters including ones that identify: Patients with symptom escalation, Patients who failed to report symptoms, high-risk Patients, or Patients who recently sent messages

Validation In 2018, MGH selected CarePassport to augment its research processes in clinical trials by enabling two-way communication with patients and collecting more structured health data throughout the patient's medical journey. The research study was conducted to identify individuals with undiagnosed atrial fibrillation and automate outreach by collecting and transferring home-monitored data to the hospital’s EMR. Continual collaborative research and clinical trials between the two entities will allow further technical advances in preventative and coordinated care, as well as the development of specialty products for critical diagnostics or diseases. PDF attached in "attachments" section for review:

Why Us

CarePassport's care coordination clinical apps extend provider to patient reach outside of facility walls and support patient behavior change beyond traditional clinician-patient interactions. A more comprehensive view of the patient profile and access to best practice care management across the board will lead to more personalized care and better outcomes.

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