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Ricky Sahu

Problem Tech Solves

The ability to effectively access and compute EHR data across health systems is essential as it allows for better quality and breadth, enabling treatments on a population-level scale. However, the interoperability of EHRs across U.S. health systems are currently fraught with accessibility and implementation issues. This is due to a lack of standardization, which results in the process being time-consuming, prone to mistranslation, and often lacking reproducible results. There are many pain points that motivate 1upHealth to solve interoperability barriers. For example, operational inefficiencies create physician burnout, affecting payers, providers and patients alike. Physicians currently spend over 50% of their time completing clinical documentation, taking away time from patient-facing interactions. It is essential that we close gaps in care by enabling seamless data exchange across the healthcare industry. This will ultimately reduce costs and improve patient outcomes, creating a better healthcare ecosystem as a whole. For example, through seamless data interoperability, we can better prior authorization or claims adjudication for health plans, which will allow them to reduce costs and identify inefficiencies to allow for faster data exchange between members or providers. From the patient’s perspective, data interoperability means that consumers can aggregate all their health information in one place, with the ability to share, and restrict, access to their own health information with whoever they want, whether it is their provider or a 3rd party health app. Being in charge of one's own health data creates patient empowerment, which leads to better individual and population health.

Tech Brief

We are building towards the future of healthcare, where interoperability is ubiquitous amongst all stakeholders (payers, providers, pharma, consumers, etc...). 1upHealth's our platform provides interoperability solutions for EHR integration across the healthcare industry. Our fully integrated solution is our API Platform, built entirely on FHIR®, a mandated standard under the ONC's 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule. FHIR enables easier data exchange across the healthcare industry, where health data is transformed into a clean and consistent format that can be used across various platforms, making it easier for health systems to exchange EHRs. As of 2018, federal ONC and CMS regulations require hospitals to adopt the FHIR API standard. This is a step in the right direction, with over 10,000 U.S. hospitals using the FHIR standard today. As part of the solution, 1upHealth's Patient Provider app plays a large part in enabling EHR interoperability. Here, the patient can aggregate and automatically update their records from external health systems, using the nationwide standards that allow for the seamless exchange of health data. This provides physicians with access to the patient’s entire medical history, including the capability to view a timeline view of all patient encounters; all of which is generated through 1upHealth FHIR resources. This enables the physician to have a truly 360 degree view of the patient treatment history, preventing repeat procedures. Our secure platform provides fully integrated solutions, dependant on the capabilities needed by our customers, be it 3rd party app management, RESTful FHIR APIs, or more.

Tech Differentiators

We have an extremely extensive network compared to our competitors, including: 10K health systems, which means 280 million patients, 700 companies, and 30+ health plans. We were some of the first in the FHIR space, with our CEO Ricky Sahu helping to ballot FHIR bulk data standards along with individuals from Boston Children's Hospital, HL7, Aneesh Chopra, and more. Being involved at the beginning of FHIRs inception as a standard has shaped us as the FHIR experts that we are today. Most other companies use a web scraping portal which pulls data from the provider’s patient portal web interface, with no ability to do actual direct EHR connections. We focus on direct connections through API endpoints which allows a system to receive entire EHR data across multiple health systems. We also offer patient authorized access, where the patient chooses to share their own health information through a 3rd party health app. In more detail, Direct EHR is direct integration into health systems, allowing for population level data aggregation, where health systems have direct agreements with other health systems. You can export any or all of your data in the FHIR format, allowing for population health analytics. A capability unique to 1upHealth is that the use of our FHIR API allows others to do SQL queries on top of all the patients that they are connected to. This means that we enable our clients to do complex health analytics on their population.


Our FHIR expertise can be seen through the many government awards we have won for FHIR and healthcare interoperability related work from HHS, CMS, and ONC. This includes the Secure FHIR server challenge, FHIR Bulk Data grant, Health Data Provenance, and Privacy Policy snapshot challenge. We were named as a ‘Cool Vendor’ in Gartner's Cool Vendors in Healthcare Interoperability publication, which spotlights companies which have innovative approaches in EHR interoperability, citing our platform as “...the first true implementation of the ONC's intent for healthcare interoperability." (https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/1uphealth-named-a-cool-vendor-in-healthcare-interoperability-by-gartner-for-its-fhir-platform-301082360.html). Our CEO, Ricky Sahu, was involved in balloting the SMART/HL7 FHIR Access API (bulk data standard): https://www.nature.com/articles/s41746-020-00358-4. Read about the 1 million dollar LEAP grant we won with Boston Children's Hospital here: https://1up.health/blog/post/2018-09-27-hhs-leap-grant-winners. Read about some of the solutions that we have provided for our customers, and what they said about working with us: Massmutual: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/access-to-electronic-medical-records-leveraging-1uphealths-fhir-platform-301077849.html Clareto: https://1up.health/blog/post/2020-12-08-clareto-1uphealth-partnership Pilleve: https://1up.health/blog/post/2020-09-08-pilleve-customer-highlight

Why Us

As leaders in FHIR interoperability we understand that for healthcare to be seamless, we must promote innovation and connectivity amongst all stakeholders. Through our FHIR platform, we help others unlock the power of data in order to significantly improve health outcomes whilst reducing costs and inefficiencies in healthcare.

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