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Dan Brillman

Problem Tech Solves

The United States spends significantly more on healthcare than comparable countries, and yet has worse health outcomes, as billions of dollars are wasted each year on ineffective care coordination and care delivery. In recent years, the country has seen a shift toward addressing social needs, as experts and policymakers alike increasingly agree that having one’s social needs met – such as housing, a liveable income, sufficient transportation, and access to quality education – is equally as important to improving one’s overall health outcomes as is their access to clinical care. In addition, studies increasingly show that addressing social needs upstream preventatively, decreases overutilization of hospitals and general healthcare costs for the long haul. This movement requires multiple sectors collaborating to provide streamlined and secure care coordination. Unite Us is uniquely positioned to lead with preventative, community-based solutions that improve health holistically and reduce costly, unnecessary healthcare utilization. The company’s end-to-end solution identifies and predicts social care needs in communities, manages the enrollment of individuals in services, and leverages meaningful outcomes data and analytics to further drive community investments. This infrastructure also enables social care funding at scale through funds distribution, invoice management, and reimbursement for social services. With Unite Us, people access social services, improved health outcomes, and a secure ecosystem that allows them to tell their story just once in order to receive the care and services that they need quickly, from an accountable network of providers.

Tech Brief

Originally launched in 2013 to support care coordination specifically to serve the veteran population, Unite Us’ technology provides the digital infrastructure needed to power the integrated health and social care ecosystem across communities nationwide. Unite Us’ secret sauce is its combined technology with community engagement and hands on customer support, staying deeply engaged with community partners over time to ensure networks have a solid foundation, launch successfully, and continue to grow and thrive. This social infrastructure helps communities transform their ability to collaborate, measure impact, and improve the health of those in need at scale through integrated features such as: screening for unmet social needs, predictive analytics, electronic referral management, assessment and social care plan management, bi-directional communications and alerts, and social care outcome tracking and insights. Unite Us is HITRUST, SOC 2 Type 2, and NIST certified and follows the highest security frameworks in the industry. The company is HIPAA compliant, and fully aligns with the strictest federal privacy regulations, including 42 CFR Part 2 and FERPA.

Tech Differentiators

Unite Us was the first to forge new pathways forward and create the standard for building and growing coordinated care networks across the nation and is now the first and only truly end-to-end solution available in its sector, expanding beyond the moment of a patient referral to identifying and predicting needs, enrolling individuals in services, efficiently coordinating community care, leveraging meaningful insights to improve care overall, and enable sustainable and impactful funding of social care. Unite Us' end-to-end solution manages an individual's multiple social needs concurrently, through an interconnected multi-dimensional network, all while tracking outcomes and maintaining accountability throughout a person's complete care journey. Other technologies use a hub-and-spoke model that has the capability to only address one social need at a time, with no visibility or responsibility between partner organizations to ensure all needs are met. For a referral to be successful, there must be a recipient at the other end. Without this, the referral, by definition, cannot be received. Unite Us guarantees that 100% of referral outcomes are tracked which includes resolution status as well as the detailed outcome of the case. Our competitors define a user as any person searching for a service on their site. Unite Us has a proven track record of building and growing networks since 2013, and we are now actively doing so in over 42 states. We have a team of 300+ community engagement managers across the nation that call the communities they serve home.


In partnership with Kaiser Permanente, Unite Us offers coordinated care to 68+ million individuals living in communities served by Kaiser Permanente. Unite Us is the technology solution for North Carolina through NCCARE360. As of February 2021, the network has onboarded over 2,200 organizations and over 36,980 users. This public/private partnership with North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and Foundation for Health Leadership Innovation is precedent-setting and a model for other states. In March 2021, Unite Us raised $150 Series C financing, bringing the company’s total valuation to over $1B. In April 2021, Unite Us announced a half a million-dollar investment in Greater Louisville, Kentucky – matched by the same amount from Metro United Way – to provide longer-term housing and wraparound support for those struggling with the continued effects of the pandemic. In June 2021, Unite Us partnered with AlohaCare and Kaiser Permanente to launch the first social care network in Hawaii. In June 2021, Unite Us announced the first-of-its-kind end-to-end solution to address SDoH. Unite Us has a Sensitive Organization feature, available to all partners nationwide, to enhance privacy and client information security. Unite Us’ Social Opportunity Indices (SOI) toolkit offers social determinants of health (SDoH) insights to inform organizations about how SDoH directly impacts the clients they serve.

Why Us

When someone gets help through Unite Us’ solution, their social and clinical needs are addressed with one secure entry-point via a trusted network of organizations who track their journey in the community. Unite Us eliminates the fragmentation between healthcare and the community, and empowers people nationwide to become healthier.

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