Problem Tech Solves

CipherHealth’s Patient Engagement Platform breaks through the digital health and medical technology markets because it empowers deep engagement across the entire care journey, enabling healthcare providers to deliver better experiences and improve clinical outcomes. Whether in person or via telehealth, CipherHealth’s platform helps keep patients engaged before, during, and after healthcare interactions, while reducing manual, administrative tasks for caregivers. The result? Reduced no-show rates, lower readmission and complication rates, patients that are more invested in their own care, more engaged and satisfied staff, and improved clinical outcomes through personalized engagement. With constant updates to public health guidelines and a world of misinformation around COVID-19, educating, reaching out to, and following up with patients is crucial. However, it can be a challenge for care providers due to the amount of time it takes to call patients, identify issues, and solve problems. By implementing CipherHealth’s Outreach Solutions, UCSF was able to streamline patient follow up and create positive touchpoints with patients across the entire care continuum. CipherHealth’s program creates meaningful, efficient, and effective follow up. Voice identifies the patients with issues that require additional attention, while simultaneously providing care coordinators with the information they need to make their calls organized and productive.

Tech Brief

CipherHealth powers the healthcare delivery system of the future by connecting providers, patients, and caregivers through scalable, automated, and multi-modal communications solutions that are highly customizable, providing both contextualized and actionable insights for care teams and providers through an interoperable communications engine. CipherHealth’s advanced post-discharge calling solution is targeting a number of patients specific to UCSF: -UCSF patients in the Latinx and Black/African American communities to help address disparities with the vaccine distribution. -The Latinx community in the Bay Area, which has been particularly affected by COVID-19 -Cancer and ambulatory/clinic patients for COVID test screening -Any UCSF patients who are discharged home from the hospital from a COVID-related admission

Tech Differentiators

Using CipherHealth’s patient engagement platform, UCSF tracked 1.5 million patient interactions for all of its COVID-19 engagement programs. CipherHealth’s patient engagement solutions are used by over 350 healthcare systems, including leading institutions like UCSF Health, Mayo Clinic Health Systems, Northwell Health, Henry Ford Health System, Rush University Medical Center, and more. CipherHealth customers have used CipherHealth to engage more than 10 million patients with over 100 million calls, texts, and patient rounds.



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