Benchmarking Pain Data with Machine Learning Technology to Reduce Suffering, Improve Outcomes and Reduce Healthcare Costs.

Martha Lawrence

Problem Tech Solves

1 in 5 patients have chronic pain. 60% of seniors report pain. Chronic pain is a 150+B Global Market. The chronic pain market is larger than heart disease, diabetes, and cancer combined. Pain is the most common reason patients access healthcare. It isn't the only reason - but it is the primary reason. So pain is the primary driver of healthcare cost. Pain levels don't show up in claims data nor can objective pain levels be extracted from Electronic Health Records. So Employers/Health Plans/Hospitals/Government have no visibility into the primary driver of healthcare costs. AccendoWave creates value by providing uniquely new machine learning technology that provides objective pain data and insights to improve outcomes and reduce stakeholder healthcare costs. From a patients perspective, in their hospital room on the white board - in the box that says "What is important to you today?" 90 - 95% of the time the patients ask the nurses to write pain control and pain management. How patient pain is measured and managed is deeply important to patients. Patients want to minimize pain and maximize their comfort and recovery in a hospital setting. The value of the AccendoWave technology extends to and addresses the well documented patient problem of the bias that exists around gender pain and pain levels reported by some ethnic groups. The AccendoWave technology simply compares brain waves and doesn't incorporate ethnic status into pain data analysis.

Tech Brief

AccendoWave is a machine learning technology formed to identify alternative ways to objectively measure and manage pain without relying solely on medications. The AccendoWave system consists of a tablet and a headband that detects electroencephalogram (EEG) signals. Patients wear a headband and earbuds that communicate with the handheld tablet. The EEG headband communicates wirelessly with the tablet and is used to objectively measure patient brain waves and then correlates brain waves with the patient’s perception of pain, discomfort or anxiety. The results are translated into a standard chart of facial expressions, which is displayed on the tablet screen. If patients disagree with the assessment, they can alter the results by selecting a different face. As the patient views various video clips, their EEG signals are analyzed to examine alpha wave activity. Because alpha waves have been shown to be a reliable indicator of pain, this analysis provides real-time feedback to the system, allowing it to curate the content presented to the user and minimize patient pain and discomfort. Currently no objective pain measurement solution exists and clinical staff and patients attempt to guess the patients level of pain. To help visualize the AccendoWave technology here is a HCA Hospital Customer Digital Opioid Alternative Video Link: This Digital Opioid Alternative described above and highlighted in the HCA video link is AccendoWave's first solution. AccendoWave added two additional solutions in 2021: 1. Remote Pain Monitoring/Telehealth (quantify pain with an objective number provided) 2. Global Real-Time Benchmarked (specialty, gender, age) Pain Database

Tech Differentiators

AccendoWave will become the new standard of pain care by providing objective pain data versus the current standard of subjective pain data. AccendoWave has three solutions. Here is how they will become the new standard of care: 1. Digital Opioid Alternative - Hospitals are required by their regulator The Joint Commission (TJC) to provide a Non Pharma Pain Treatment Modality. This requirement is due to the Opioid Crisis. There are other evidence based non pharma pain modalities, like VR for pain, acupuncture, physician therapy, but these non pharma solutions provide no real-time quantified patient data. Only AccendoWave's digital solution provides real-time patient data on average level of pain, maximum level of pain, patient usage time, and patient satisfaction data. AccendoWave also provides a complementary Non Pharma Pain Intervention Data Report for hospitals prior to their Joint Commission survey to demonstrate compliance with TJC requirement. 2. Remote Pain Monitoring/Telehealth - AccendoWave is uniquely able to quantify individual pain by comparing your brain waves with your perception of pain (AccendoWave provides a number - you may be 1.83 or 2.57). The individual pain data can be used for care pathways to reduce the cost of care. AccendoWave has no competition to date. 3. Largest Global Benchmarked (specialty, gender, age) Real-Time Database on Pain. The gender database can be used by pharma companies to better match drugs to gender response. Currently, 80% of pain research is done on human men and male mice - 70% of chronic pain is women. AccendoWave has no competition to date.


1. Samsung & AccendoWave HCA Hospital Case Study (N=1000) 90% of patients enjoyed using the technology. 81% of patients said it made them feel more comfortable. 77% of patients said it understood their discomfort. Please see attachment. Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center: 2. Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center Dr. Cole Sondrup, Medical Director of the Emergency Department Alternatives to Opioid Based Pain Management 3. Real World Evidence (RWE) - 70,000+ hospital patients have used the AccendoWave technology. 4. HCA MountainStar Healthcare Hospital Division Blog: 5. HCA Hospital Mountain Division Community Impact Report Pain Management: Opioid Alternative: Controlling Pain with Technology (AccendoWave - Page 10)

Why Us

100% of us will experience pain in our lifetimes. AccendoWave's mission is solving one the greatest healthcare needs - the need for objective pain data to reduce human suffering. We think this mission & the opportunity to globally improve the lives of patients through objective pain measurement/management is an important differentiating factor.

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