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Nerivio is the first migraine treatment that takes advantage of remote electrical neuromodulation (REN) to stimulate peripheral nociceptive nerves to induce conditioned pain modulation, the body’s innate pain-relief mechanism in which a secondary stimulus mitigates the pain of the initial stimulus. The device comes with an armband that holds Nerivio against the upper arm. Utilizing Bluetooth, it connects to a patient’s cell phone from which the patient controls the intensity of the treatment. It is battery operated. Nerivio uses an electrical signal to activate the pain sensing fibers in the skin without causing pain to the patient. The feeling is akin to the pins and needles that you feel when your arm falls asleep. The body then sends signals to abort this pain which tangentially helps treat the migraine and associated aura symptoms. Using remote neuromodulation as opposed to neuromodulation significantly changes the form factor of the treatment. Previous devices required patients to hold a device to their neck or their head, but Nerivio can be applied without continuous input from the user. Furthermore, the ability to customize the intensity of the treatment (essentially the dosage) allows for a level of personalization impossible in pharmaceuticals. At the same time, pain relief and pain freedom achieved from using the device are similar to the rates achieved through prescription migraine medication.

Tech Brief

By utilizing REN, Nerivio can be effective when placed on the arm, as opposed to other migraine treatment devices which are worn on the head or neck, at the original locus of pain. This change is not only one of tactics but allows the user to wear an inconspicuous device on the arm instead of having to hold something against their head or neck. The change was made without sacrificing effectiveness and improving safety as compared to acute prescription medication. The device introduces another prescription level option for migraine sufferers while also providing those who are cannot or do not want to take drugs (such as those who suffer from MOH) a viable treatment. The portable aspect of Nerivio allows people to easily bring their treatment with them allowing for lower lost productivity costs. Nerivio is also the first smartphone-controlled migraine device, connecting to a user-friendly app available for both Android and iOS smartphones. The app gives patients control over their therapy, as they can choose the intensity of the treatment depending on the specific migraine attack. The app also includes a migraine diary which can be easily shared with physicians to improve treatment plans by providing valuable insights into behavioral patterns that contribute to migraine progression. Studies show a 67% efficacy rate, the same as leading prescription drugs.

Tech Differentiators

The primary target are migraine patients who are also the users. The physicians treating these patients are also an important audience.



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