Transforming Vaccines

Daniel R. Henderson

Problem Tech Solves

Verndari is transforming vaccine delivery with our proprietary, dose-sparing, thermostable, and pain-free VaxiPatch® system. Our innovative vaccination kit offers a globally accessible, cost-effective choice which has the potential to be self-administered. Verndari’s microneedle array patch has demonstrated the potential to significantly reduce the required dose of vaccine, which would make vaccines available to more people. Since the VaxiPatch does not require refrigeration, vaccines can be delivered at lower cost, even to remote areas lacking modern infrastructure.

Tech Brief

As Verndari seeks to address both new and existing threats, it is focusing on developing the technology to make vaccine delivery more effective, more affordable and more accessible to people around the world. How the VaxiPatch Delivery System Works Verndari, Inc. has developed a single-dose vaccination kit that uses an intradermal patch containing a microneedle array designed to be painlessly applied to the arm. The Verndari VaxiPatch is a proprietary, patented system that can be employed with existing, as well as new vaccines to address current diseases and emerging threats. The VaxiPatch uses three-dimensional photoetching technology developed for computer chips to create a microneedle patch from medical grade stainless steel. The vaccine and adjuvant are inserted into the micro-wells in the microneedles and dried. To apply the VaxiPatch, a patient rubs their skin with a sterile saline prep, places the patch on that area, and presses on the patch until a “click” is heard. Following the audible “click,”the patch is designed to adhere to the skin, much like a common bandage. The vaccine dose is delivered through the skin over five minutes and then the patch can be removed and the area covered with a normal spot bandage.

Tech Differentiators

Target is physicians, potentially self-application


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