Cures, not correlations

Saul Kato, Ph.D.

Problem Tech Solves


Tech Brief

For decades traditional approaches to neurotherapeutics discovery have been unsuccessful because researchers rely mainly on animal models of disease that don’t capture the same characteristics as human disease. Lacking a deep understanding of neurological diseases and how they biologically affect the human brain, the industry is unable to systematically identify and develop novel therapeutic targets and drug treatments at scale. As such, there are very few curative treatments for complex neurological diseases, only symptomatic treatments. The Herophilus Discovery Engine is bridging the gap between organoid research and drug discovery through scaled biology and automation in an industry first approach, ultimately enabling systematic and scalable neuro drug discovery.

Tech Differentiators

Herophilus is ushering in a new era of neurotherapeutics discovery with the Herophilus Discovery Engine. In contrast to traditional drug discovery, the Herophilus Discovery Engine’s novel approach yields strong drug candidates with significantly increased confidence of clinical efficacy, identifies polypharmacological drugs and combination therapies, and ultimately enables systematic drug discovery for complex brain diseases. Herophilus’s advanced organoid technology captures genetic and human specific disease biology to derive deep biological insights; robotics and scaled biology then allow researchers to use those insights to drive drug discovery and development. By enabling the discovery of robust drug candidates to an as-yet largely unsuccessful and complex disease area, Herophilus is accelerating cures for millions of people with devastating brain diseases.


Herophilus has entered a strategic partnership with a major pharmaceutical company. The partnership will be disclosed later this year.

Why Us

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