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Problem Tech Solves

Each year, 3.6 million Americans miss or delay medical care due to transportation issues that stem from an overly complex and difficult-to-manage process that has not changed in decades. The Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) field is plagued by inadequate technology, high costs, outdated business models, inconsistent and unprofessional medical transportation providers, and virtually non-existent transparency for the health plan or customer. This lack of transparency, communication, and accountability with traditional NEMT brokers results in missed pickups, broken down vehicles, inefficient scheduling, extended wait times, lost drivers, and most of all, frustration for patients that desperately need access to care. Veyo is solving one of the nation’s growing healthcare challenges by ensuring that patients get to and from their medical appointments, safely and on-time. Veyo was founded to bring an entirely new solution to the outdated model of NEMT. Through this first-of-its-kind model and technology-first approach, Veyo combines the convenience of the consumer rideshare fleet and the healthcare experience of a full-service NEMT broker to bring the highest level of reliability, quality, and transparency to customers, partners, and patients. Veyo’s proprietary technology has redesigned NEMT to create a more seamless experience for patients and providers. The real-time platform manages: member eligibility, trips, transportation providers, schedules, provider credentialing, reporting, and provider payments. The platform optimizes trip distribution management of network providers to ensure that rides are available at any time, as well as monitor, control and coordinate service in real time to ensure the highest possible quality.

Tech Brief

Having built the first health-credentialed rideshare fleet in the world, Veyo's groundbreaking technology is becoming the standard in healthcare transportation. As the industry’s first and only NEMT platform that integrates GPS technology, 24/7 trip monitoring, and real-time trip information with mobile tools and web-based portals, Veyo is improving performance and lowering costs by bringing efficiencies and automation to the management of the NEMT benefit. The powerful platform manages everything from member eligibility, trips, providers, schedules, provider credentialing, reporting, to provider payments. Veyo’s real-time controls enable the platform to manage a supply system of what is referred to as a “Virtual Fleet.” The Virtual Fleet can scale up and down to meet changes in demand—within minutes—using the platform’s powerful predictive analytics to constantly understand demand patterns. The operations team monitors supply levels in all areas to ensure the right type and amount of supply is available, with a car always around the corner from where it’s needed. Veyo’s first-in-market transportation management system, Veyo RideView, was designed and built by Veyo engineers from the ground up to accommodate and address the unique needs of healthcare facilities and individual patients. As the first-ever integrated transportation management portal, the Rideview platform allows facilities such as hospitals, behavioral health clinics, addiction treatment centers and more to book and manage patient transportation needs all in one interface. Veyo's unique technology and fully integrated ecosystem of products creates better value not only by introducing rideshare to healthcare but by reinventing every part of the healthcare transportation continuum.

Tech Differentiators

For patients aiming to arrive at their appointments safely and on time, arranging trips can be complicated. In a traditional NEMT model, members may spend hours waiting for a vehicle and any questions about late or missed pickups are relegated to long calls with a dispatch center, with no guarantee that problems will be quickly solved. These issues are even more complicated for members who live in rural areas and have to travel several hours to reach their appointments. Veyo is revolutionizing NEMT services so that members can expect complete efficiency, connectivity, and confidence in their health transportation, no matter where they live or what their needs may be. Veyo is the first and only broker directly integrating the latest technology with fully trained and Medicaid-credentialed rideshare fleets and consumer rideshare fleets to decrease costs and increase efficiency. Veyo manages the full transportation benefit for a health plan—from managing call centers to credentialing transportation providers to handling grievances and reporting benefit data back to the health plan. All Veyo drivers must meet healthcare credentialing requirements and standards including training in CPR, First Aid, HIPAA and PHI, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. Drivers also undergo annual background checks and drug tests to ensure the utmost safety for patients. Veyo is the only platform that was designed to match health-specific requirements such as wheelchair and stretcher accessibility and oxygen tanks door-to-door service, and drivers and fleets are trained to accommodate and manage all member needs.


For too many people, a lack of transportation has far-reaching consequences. When patients miss their appointments because they cannot find reliable transportation, it’s a lost opportunity to receive treatment, monitor/track their health, or ask health-related questions. Over time, these lost opportunities result in untreated symptoms, late diagnoses, or negative health outcomes. By redesigning NEMT from the ground-up, health plans now have visibility into their transportation benefit in a way they never have. They’re seeing a validated on-time rate of 97% and substantiated grievance rates as low as 0.05% - data that’s gathered from GPS tracking and technology, not self-reported trip logs. The transformation that Veyo has brought to patient transportation has resulted in better member experiences and ultimately, better health in communities across the United States. For healthcare facilities, Veyo’s technology has simplified the process of managing NEMT to significantly reduce the stress and time spent scheduling and booking rides. With support from Veyo it now takes facilities an average of one minute and 52 seconds to book a ride, 42 seconds to rebook, and 20 seconds to dispatch - all tasks that took 20 minutes to an hour using a traditional call center. With Veyo’s Virtual Fleet, wait times at clinics are one-third of what they used to be and the process of being picked up has gone from 45 minutes to under ten minutes. Overall, Veyo’s service significantly increases access to critical healthcare appointments to ensure that the millions who rely on NEMT benefits are receiving the care they need.

Why Us

As the first company to take a technology-first approach to the outdated model of NEMT, Veyo has disrupted the industry. By significantly reducing the stress associated with scheduling transportation–for both patients and healthcare providers–their technology-first solution has drastically increased access to critical healthcare appointments for those who'd otherwise have none.

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