Ada is an AI-driven symptom assessment and care navigation platform that helps health systems to deliver high-quality and effective care

Daniel Nathrath

Problem Tech Solves

Health systems globally face the same problems, and many of these have been intensified by the pandemic: For a long time, health systems have been suffering from scarce resources, a shortage in health workers and overcrowded emergency departments (ED). According to the CDC, approximately 50% of EDs experience overcrowding, and 90% of ED directors report overcrowding as a recurrent problem. For patients, these shortages result in long waiting times to get a doctor's appointment, and reduced face-to-face time which impacts quality of care. Ada is a uniquely powerful AI platform that enables clinically accurate digital health assessments and safe, timely care navigation. Ada empowers patients to actively manage their health, and supports health systems in delivering high-quality and effective care. Ada combines advanced AI-technology with a medical knowledge base that covers over 30,000 ICD codes. Deployed at scale with our global partners, Ada helps tackle some of the biggest challenges in healthcare. Ada serves as a ‘digital front door’ to health systems and helps patients better understand their symptoms and navigate to the right care. Data from US health system Sutter shows that 47% of Ada assessments are completed outside clinic hours, and 42% of all patients are directed to non-urgent care, providing relief to EDs and giving doctors more time to treat the patients who need it the most. 77% of users found Ada helpful, and thousands of positive comments about the ease of use and the medical accuracy are additional proof of Ada’s positive impact for patients.

Tech Brief

At the core of Ada is our industry leading AI-based health assessment technology comprising of a proprietary reasoning and inference engine and an extensive medical knowledge base that has been continuously developed across 10 years by expert engineers, scientists and clinicians. Ada dynamically digests multiple pieces of data and provides a probabilistic assessment that suggests possible causes for symptoms and the likelihood of each based on the available information, and draws upon a global medical knowledge base that unlike many competitors covers pediatrics, maternity and mental health as standard. Ada can consider reported symptoms, medical history, risk factors, and more, and make a personalised health assessment, suggesting the most likely causes for a user’s symptoms and appropriate next steps. Ada is also able to integrate EHR data, genomics, wearables and diagnostics and help users track symptoms and manage their conditions. Available since 2020, Ada’s enterprise solutions deliver better care experiences and connect clinical journeys, helping improve user outcomes while driving up efficiency and user satisfaction. Ada’s AI can unlock the potential for value-based and integrated care. Ada’s embedded appointment booking solution aligns care needs to the recommendations of highly accurate medical assessment, including multiple urgency and service advice levels for their symptoms. We also feature single sign on, and use industry standard SMART on FHIR open standards to enable Ada to integrate into partners’ electronic patient record (EPR) to connect the healthcare journey as well as informing the care team with an insightful handover report - from within the chart.

Tech Differentiators

Ada has advantages across the care ecosystem. By using Ada as a ‘digital front door’ to care, partners can help users navigate quickly and easily to the right care at the right time, while freeing up precious time and resources for their team. Ada uniquely balances scalable, transparent AI with human control, safety and with clinical accuracy - for which we are recognised as best in class. Trust is pivotal to positive healthcare experiences and clinical accuracy directly impacts this trust. We’ve built the world’s most advanced and accurate symptom assessment technology. Ada’s integrated scalable solutions combine industry leading AI and high quality medical knowledge - including common, uncommon and rare conditions - to deliver value to health providers, clinicians and patients. To maintain the highest medical quality, incorporating the latest clinical developments and ensuring user’s safety at scale, all of Ada’s medical knowledge has been curated and modelled, and is continually reviewed and updated by a team of over 50 inhouse medical experts. Studies show that Ada offers 99% condition coverage and is 35% more accurate, on average, than other symptom assessment solutions on the market. Ada offers the most comprehensive and seamless digital health experience, truly transforming access to healthcare for patients and helping them to only tell their story once. Providing best-in-class symptom assessment, safe care advice, easy appointment booking and leveraging our clients EHR system to share their Ada report with their doctor, Ada enables a truly connected health journey for patients and helps health systems save costs.


Clinical excellence is critical in healthcare, and we embrace clinical evaluation to validate the effectiveness, accuracy and safety of our AI solutions: The utility of symptom checkers relies on safety, coverage, and accuracy. In a peer-reviewed study published in BMJ Open in 2020, Ada’s advice was safe in 97% of cases, with 99% condition coverage and 70% accuracy for top 3 suggestion fit compared to the competitor average of 38%. (Source: A retrospective study published in Orphanet assessed if Ada could speed up time to the diagnosis of rare diseases. In the study, 89.25% of Ada’s top suggestions matched the confirmed diagnosis, and 33.3% of participants could have received their rare disease diagnosis in the first documented clinical visit with Ada. (Source: Together with our partners, we strive to evaluate the impact of Ada in real life settings: Sutter Health and Ada launched an innovative digital front door to provide patients AI driven medical guidance. Data from the partnerships demonstrates that 47% of Ada health assessments are completed outside clinic hours, and 42% of all patients are directed to non-urgent care, freeing up precious time and resources for Sutter’s medical teams. Ada’s triage recommendations proved to be comparable to those of nurse-staffed telephone triage lines. (Source: In a 2020 peer-reviewed patient usability study conducted in a NHS primary care waiting room, 97.8% of patients rated Ada very or quite easy to use, and 12.8% would have delayed their appointment or used lower-intensity care. (Source:

Why Us

Great healthcare experiences drive engagement, loyalty and wellness, but depend upon accurate and trustworthy advice. Ada’s innovations and AI are ahead of the pack. Loved by users and trusted by clinicians for our medical quality, leaders choose Ada for a ‘digital front door’ to safely transform health and care.

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