Mirvie is redefining pregnancy health by developing the first early-detection RNA test for pregnancy complications impacting 45 million women globally.

Maneesh Jain, Phd. CEO & Co-Founder

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Tech Brief

One in five pregnancies will experience a major complication such as preeclampsia, preterm birth, gestational diabetes, growth restriction, or placental disorders. Globally, this equates to 45 million pregnancies annually, which is five times higher than the cancer incidence in women (8.5 million). These complications contribute to ~$50 billion in healthcare costs annually in the United States and European Union alone. They also have a lifetime impact on the mother (e.g., increased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke) and baby (e.g., lifelong neurological and behavioral issues). Pregnancy management has remained largely unchanged for decades and is based on clinical observation of symptoms, imaging/ultrasound, and treatment based on those observations/imaging. This crisis-management approach doesn’t enable women or physicians to materially impact pregnancy outcomes. Early intervention is the key to better outcomes but requires the early identification of women at greatest risk for a specific pregnancy complication, as current guidelines do not support giving interventions indiscriminately to all pregnant women. Most at-risk women are identified by prior clinical history, which only accounts for 15% of complications experienced by repeat moms and cannot identify at-risk, first-time moms (30-40% of all pregnancies). Ultrasound gives you a snapshot and benchmarks your pregnancy against the average pregnancy but doesn’t tell you what is to come or provide insights specific to a given woman. Mirvie’s innovative, early detection technology will create a new window for preventative treatment where standard treatments can be applied more effectively and in a targeted way to reduce or prevent complications.

Tech Differentiators

Mirvie’s RNA-based technology can bring pregnancy out of the dark by revealing what is to come for a specific pregnancy. Currently, there is no reliable way today to predict these pregnancy complications. Mirvie’s test promises to help physicians and patients get ahead of pregnancy crises/complications months before they occur, allowing for a new window of preventative treatment. Pregnancy complication symptoms typically occur in the third trimester, although the disease is typically triggered in the first trimester. This extended duration of disease progression has a clear analog in cancer and has catalyzed the innovation to detect cancer early when it can be cured. Mirvie’s proprietary RNA analysis technology coupled with artificial intelligence provides a comprehensive and early window into pregnancy-related disease months before symptoms occur. This comprehensive window into pregnancy biology enables a better understanding of disease sub-types that may enable more specific treatments that could lead to better outcomes. Mirvie has used innovative artificial intelligence to analyze tens of millions of RNA messages from thousands of clinical samples to identify “signature” patterns of RNA messages that are predictive of pregnancy complications to come (e.g., preeclampsia, preterm birth, gestational diabetes). Mirvie benchmarks the RNA message patterns found in a tested woman against these proprietary “signature” patterns to see if a woman’s pregnancy is at-risk. With this information, physicians can begin to shift away from reacting to symptoms when it’s often too late for meaningful interventions, to getting ahead of them to reduce or prevent complications for millions of pregnancies every year.


Mirvie’s key collaborators for clinical trials and technological validation include: Stanford University, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, King’s College of London, Johns Hopkins University, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center-Magee-Women’s, Michigan State University, Global Alliance to Prevent Prematurity and Stillbirth, Roskilde University.

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