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Problem Tech Solves

According to a 2019 Harvard study, burnout among doctors is a $4.6 billion problem, factoring in reduced hours, physician turnover, and expenses associated with finding and hiring replacements. Today, doctors and clinicians are experiencing burnout at alarming rates due to administrative burdens, environmental stress, and ever-increasing patient caseloads that demand their time. In fact, a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that for every hour spent with patients, physicians spend two hours on administrative tasks. The same study found that physicians spent 1-2 hours of EHR time at home after work each night, mostly related to administrative tasks. The American Medical Association’s (AMA) “Joy in Medicine” Physician Well-Being report indicates that burnout is shown to increase the risk of medical errors by 200 percent. What’s more, the Advisory Board, found that physician burnout contributes to at least a 16 percent decrease in patient satisfaction. It’s easy to see why. In the exam room, the Annals of Internal Medicine study found that only 53 percent of time is spent on direct clinical face time. Meanwhile, 37 percent of the time is spent on EHR and desk work. Documentation requirements, central to our healthcare system’s operations and the reimbursements physicians and health systems receive, have become a thorn in the side of many providers—and every stakeholder, from dissatisfied patients to burnt-out clinicians, to overwhelmed care teams, is affected. Per the AMA, an estimated 80 percent of burnout related to organizational factors and the industry is begging for a solution.

Tech Brief

Innovated by Nuance and Microsoft, Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) alleviates administrative burdens and reduces burnout from clinical documentation so physicians can focus on what matters most: the patient. Built on the Dragon Medical One cloud-based platform leveraging Dragon Virtual Assistants, Nuance’s proprietary ambient clinical intelligence (ACI) solution, DAX, surrounds the clinician and patient encounter with assisted workflows, task, and knowledge automation, and specialized ambient sensing hardware effectively creating the AI-powered exam room of the future. Here’s how it works: an ambient device, mounted to the wall, includes more than a dozen microphones that can capture and differentiate speech from up to eight individuals in the room, as well as a computer vision sensor that can track speakers as they move and ensure that speech is attributed to the right person. A deep learning model then converts the speech into text and then translates the conversation into clinical documentation. What’s unique about the technology is that the system can convert layperson terms into their clinical equivalents, so that providers can have a natural conversation with patients and still capture what they need to support coding and clinical history. DAX then auto-populates a complete and highly accurate clinical note directly in the electronic health record on behalf of the physician to review. Nuance DAX is the first and only solution that can securely and accurately transcribe an entire patient-physician encounter to eliminate the burden of clinical documentation while giving physicians the freedom to focus their entire attention solely on the patient.

Tech Differentiators

A decisive market leader preferred by 77 percent of U.S. hospitals, Nuance is transforming healthcare with disruptive AI solutions. With unmatched competitive strengths across the continuum of care and the proven ability to drive better outcomes for physicians, patients, administrators, and CFOs, Nuance healthcare technology empowers the excellence of those it serves. In addition to its healthcare solutions, Nuance is also recognized as a leading provider of voice recognition solutions that are trusted by 85 percent of Fortune 100 companies. Its natural language processing tools and voice solutions are well known and respected throughout the industry. For example, earlier this year, Nuance was recognized by KLAS as the Best in KLAS award for Front-End EMR speech recognition. Last November, Nuance was recognized as Frost & Sullivan’s Global Company of the Year award for leading advancements in the conversational AI market. Black Book Research also recognized Nuance as the number one AI-powered and cloud-based healthcare provider across five categories, including medical speech recognition and AI and clinical documentation improvement. Built upon decades’ worth of experience and experience in voice technologies, Nuance DAX is the only commercially available solution on the market that is taking clinical conversations and converting them into medical notes. The company was also the first to deliver a HIPAA-certified voice solution to healthcare.


Healthcare providers using Nuance DAX have reported an approximate 20 percent increase in patient throughput, 50-75 percent reduction in time spent on clinical documentation time, and an 88 percent increase in provider satisfaction scores. Stephanie Lahr, Chief Information Officer and Chief Medical Information Officer of Monument Health, said, "Our use of innovative technology from Nuance has steadily improved our ability to deliver excellent patient care, assist physicians with tools that increase workflow efficiencies, and lessen the burdens of documentation. The Nuance DAX solution is the logical next step in that continuous innovation process, and a significant and timely one at that. It captures each encounter and updates the EHR without the need for physicians to divide their attention between the patient and a computer screen during both in-person and virtual visits. It restores the vital human element in healthcare and enables physicians to get back to doing what they trained for and love." Anthony J. Mazzarelli, MD, JC, MBE, Co-President and CEO of Cooper University Health Care, said, "As the leading academic health system in South Jersey, we empower our physicians with cutting-edge technology to enable them to make the most of their time with their patients and deliver the highest quality care. The Nuance DAX solution is another innovative technology that will allow our physicians to worry less about administrative tasks and use more of their time doing what they love – caring for patients."

Why Us

Nuance DAX is improving the patient-provider experience, reducing provider burnout, and boosting financial outcomes by automatically documenting care. With DAX, Nuance is bringing joy back to the practice of medicine by freeing physicians from their computers and enabling them to practice at the top of their licenses.

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