A leading provider of ultrasound AI solutions that make the use and analysis of ultrasound images smarter, and more accessible

Hila Goldman Aslan

Problem Tech Solves

Millions of ultrasound scans are performed annually. Yet, capturing and evaluating ultrasound images is still mostly done visually. Such evaluations are subjective, time-consuming, error-prone, cumbersome, and highly dependent on the users' experience. DiA automates this process by arming clinician’s with objective, fast and accurate AI-based toolbox, to identify clinical abnormalities that are otherwise difficult to find visually.

Tech Brief

DiA was established by strong women founders. The company’s solutions enable clinicians with various levels of ultrasound experience to use and analyze ultrasound images on their devices and healthcare IT systems with increased speed, efficiency and accuracy by automating this process. The technology uses advanced pattern recognition, deep learning and machine learning algorithms to automatically imitate the way the human eye identifies borders and motion. LVivo solutions can be easily added to any ultrasound device, healthcare IT/PACS viewer or seamlessly run behind the scenes, as part of existing workflows. With our unique AI we make the impact of changing subjective to objective, making a better patient management and creating a real economic value to the stake holders. To date, the company signed channel partnerships with tens of vendors like GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Konica Minolta and IBM and is serving thousands of end-users in over 20 countries.

Tech Differentiators

Other offerings include AI solutions that can work either on PACS/cloud/workstations, or on vendor-specific ultrasound devices. DiA’s technology-agnostic solutions work on all ultrasound images from all devices, on any healthcare IT system for remote analysis, or operate behind the scenes. They can run on any low memory and processing power systems, operate on low quality images therefore support portable and mobile ultrasound devices as well as high-end and cloud-based systems. Therefore, no need to transport patients to remote facilities and wards. Our solutions provide proven clinical and economic value across the healthcare continuum by impacting clinicians’ ability to use ultrasound imaging to make faster, smarter decisions, thus reducing the need for unnecessary medical procedures such as radiology labs or lengthy hospital stays, enabling early detection and treatment at the point-of-care, reducing the costs and consequences of medical error, and automating clinician workflow to save crucial time. Up to date, DiA is the market leader in this space with the widest product offering, access to hundreds of thousands of images from leading medical centers, tens of channel partners, most commercial traction and 7 FDA/CE approvals. The unique technology, the team’s deep "know-how" and strong leadership have resulted in regulatory and commercial tractions that no other startup on the ultrasound AI arena achieved, to date.


“It’s a great App and produces a beautiful visual display of LV dynamics. I have used it a lot on ICU during COVID-19 to highlight some of the effects of the virus on the cardiac muscle. Also great when seeing patients out and about”, said Dr. Jonny Wilkinson, an Emergency Physician at Northampton General Hospital, sharing his experience of using one of DiA’s cardiac solutions, LVivo EF. “LVivo Seamless does everything behind the scenes, it can select the images and present it within seconds. It improves speed and workflow”, said Dr. Martin Goldman, a cardiologist from Mount Sinai Hospital. A case study for example describes a chemotherapy treated patient that complains to her GP of shortness of breath. Point-of-care ultrasound was done by her GP and DiA's AI based solution LVivo EF quickly measured the Ejection Fraction (EF) as indicating mild LV dysfunction. The patient was referred for reassessment of her chemotherapy treatment and to a cardiologist who may consider starting treatment for preventing further left ventricular dysfunction. These studies and many others show how DiA's AI-based solutions can shorten evaluation workflow, help clinicians detect abnormalities when time is critical and increase their efficiency. Additional publications: https://www.dia-analysis.com/publications Clinicians’ testimonials: https://www.dia-analysis.com/testimonials An Interview with Dr. Ziv Dadon: https://www.gehealthcare.com/article/how-ai-enhanced-cardiac-analysis-is-empowering-clinicians-on-the-frontlines

Why Us

DiA is led by strong women founders and a talented team who make an ultrasound AI revolution. The feedback we get on how using our solutions has saved their time and resources is what keeps us going further to support our vision of making ultrasound smarter and accessible to all.

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