Zeto - Making EEG simple, accessible and primed for the future

Aswin Gunasekar

Problem Tech Solves

EEG is the gold standard for diagnosing seizures, epilepsy and sleep disorders, an important tool in assessing stroke, TBI and autism and provides the most accurate way of calibrating treatment effectiveness of neuromodulation procedures such as TMS that treat depression, PTSD etc. But unfortunately, EEG is just as arduous to do today as when it was first performed in 1924. A trained technician measures the head, marks electrode locations, abrades the skin, and applies paste and electrodes to the scalp, eventually tethering the patient to a box with wires. This procedure consumes time, requires technicians who need to be perpetually on call and puts the patients through a needlessly poor experience. The scarcity of technicians is the biggest limiting factor making EEG unavailable in many Hospitals, ICUs, Emergency Rooms and Outpatient settings. Essential features such as easy data sharing and remote interpretation remain unavailable.

Tech Brief

Zeto’s Instant EEG Platform (zEEG) provides the FIRST FDA cleared, Commercially available, Zero-prep, Wireless, Dry electrode headset that can be used to perform a FULL coverage, clinical EEG anywhere without the need for a trained technician. Data is immediately streamed to a secure cloud platform that provides live display. zEEG also provides tools for analysis and optional remote interpretation by neurologists. For hospitals and clinics worldwide, Zeto offers a turnkey solution for EEG tests. Unlike competitors, Zeto provides lower cost and faster turn around time to clinics, extraordinary convenience to operators and a better experience to patients. Zeto makes EEG available to facilities that do not have access to trained EEG operators or neurologists.

Tech Differentiators

We are a complete solution that provides a 10X improvement in acquisition, access and interpretation of data. 1) Acquisition: First and only device of its kind cleared by the FDA for clinical use. Eliminates the biggest pain point of needing a trained EEG technician. Easy to use, no goop, wireless, under 5-min set up and no patient cleanup. 2) Access: A complete cloud-based solution that provides important complementary features such as EKG, photic stimulation, multi-camera video, head movement tracking, advanced analysis and reporting tools a neurologist needs. Most importantly, with its cloud capability and live video feed you do not need a neurologist on call to read the EEGs. It makes possible for the first time in history, multiple wins namely, EEG available to any health care facility, easy collaboration and teaching, multi site clinical trials and live patient monitoring. 3) Interpretation: With an AI based reporting engine, Zeto is uniquely positioned to make EEG truly diagnostic and subsequently predictive, much like how EKG has already shown the way. Zeto is harnessing the cloud wave and the AI wave to improve neurological monitoring. Competitors are primarily incumbents with wired, gel/paste EEG systems that have outdated local/on-premise products which need to be redesigned from scratch to be relevant in the next few years.


We just crossed 100 paying customers and 12,000 EEGs in over 11 months of commercialization. Our customers include hospitals, ICUs, physician offices, pharma and neuro based companies. The product is delivering great value to our customers as evidenced by our growing customer referrals and sales. Customers make unprompted press releases, instagram posts and linkedIn announcements about our product. Here's a sample of the different types. 1) Press Release by Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare on "First-of-its-kind technology from Zeto, Inc. allows for more convenience, efficiency and less exposure during EEG test": https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/methodist-university-hospital-is-first-in-the-world-to-participate-in-groundbreaking-eeg-study-for-inpatients-that-improves-brain-monitoring-during-the-covid-19-crisis-301104852.html 2) Testimonial by Dr. Todd Masel, Director of Epilepsy, Univ. Of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston "...the Zeto system is over 400% more efficient than a conventional EEG machine. The fact that the person applying the Zeto doesn't have to be an EEG technologist is very useful as well. Overall the system works very well for my needs as an Epilepsy Director.": https://zeto-inc.com/ 3) Dr. Raj Gupta, Neurologist, Regional Medical Center, San Jose CA. "..getting the Zeto EEG system was one of the best decisions made during my professional life and I am very happy with the product as well as the customer service": see attachment 4) Post by Univ. of Saskatchewan Health System, "It’s much easier and quicker for the patient, requires less clean up…can be administered by an allied health professional”: https://www.shrf.ca/post/easing-the-journey-to-an-epilepsy-diagnosis 5) Post by The Ohio State University, Neurology Dept. on a large scale study on treating veterans using Zeto EEG to measure efficacy of TMS treatment: https://u.osu.edu/ohioveteransnow/tms-information/ 6) Instagram post on how a neurologist is able to perform instant EEGs in her office with Zeto: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CKC_ztBhXL5/ 7) Testimonial by Waveneuro. "Zeto transformed the way we think about EEG capture by advancing technology further in the past two years than the industry had in the prior three or four decades." : https://zeto-inc.com/

Why Us

Our commercial learning proves that brain monitoring is a massive unmet need. Like EKG, the future of EEG will be defined by sophisticated yet simple devices, cloud and AI. With our experience, product pipeline and commercial traction, we are very confident of being the #1 EEG Diagnostic of the Future.

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