Kaia Health's mission is to make cost-effective and evidence-based therapy accessible to chronic disease patients anywhere and at any time

Konstantin Mehl

Problem Tech Solves

With one in two adults suffering from a musculoskeletal condition like back, hip or knee pain, musculoskeletal pain (MSK) is one of the most expensive health issues for self-insured employers. In fact, $1 in every $6 spent in healthcare is now related to MSK, as members are using costly services such as surgery and pain medications to treat the pain. In addition, there are huge indirect costs: the average MSK patient misses 11.4 workdays per year and MSK conditions account for 30% of all workers compensation costs. Existing digital solutions for MSK are often inconvenient and not aligned with the busy schedule of a modern person, as they leverage bulky sensors to be configured and worn for exercise or require tele-PT consultations that need to be scheduled ahead of time. The user experience is bad and engagement is low, leading to inconsistent cost savings for self-insured employers. To address this, Kaia Health offers an evidence-based and on-demand digital musculoskeletal program conveniently delivered through the user's own smartphone or tablet, requiring no "wearable" sensors or other equipment.

Tech Brief

Kaia offers a next-generation MSK solution delivered through a mobile app on the user’s own smartphone or tablet, addressing patients with chronic and acute musculoskeletal conditions across the back, hip, knee, neck and shoulder. Our digital self-management program was developed by a team of MSK clinical experts including orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, pain psychologists and sports scientists. The Kaia app focuses on three key pillars: computer vision-guided physical exercises, behavioral health support and pain education, with support from certified health coaches and licensed clinicians as needed. Embedded within the Kaia program is our proprietary computer vision technology, AI engine which enables real-time user motion analysis tracking and feedback to ensure correct exercise form and posture. Rigorous clinical oversight and case review are provided by Kaia's in-house clinical team of multidisciplinary licensed clinicians in order to ensure high-level, holistic care. Within the care continuum, Kaia is positioned as an accessible “first stop” for MSK care and triage, offering nimble partnerships and integrations that enable streamlined care pathways and best-in-class user outcomes.

Tech Differentiators

Kaia’s key differentiator is our “tech-forward and patient-centered” care model, with clinical oversight and support as needed. Our virtual physical therapy sessions are powered by a proprietary Computer Vision technology, which offers exercise guidance beyond wearable sensors and tele-consultations, by analyzing the user’s full-body movements in real-time and providing corrective audiovisual feedback for incorrect form and posture. Kaia’s motion tracking technology is the only clinically-validated technology on the market that is proven to provide exercise guidance as accurate as in-person physical therapists. This service is available on-demand and 24/7, from the convenience of the user’s own device - no sensors or straps needed for exercise, no scheduling required ahead of time. Together with our team of certified health coaches and MSK expert clinicians, who serve as accountability partners and provide consultations and clinical oversight as needed, we ensure that each participant’s condition is managed in the most dynamic and personalized way to achieve the best outcomes. Given the digital and hardware-free nature of the Kaia program, our solution is extremely scalable across diverse and geographically-dispersed populations, expanding the accessibility of best-in-class pain management to everyone in need.


Kaia has 11 published and ongoing peer-reviewed clinical studies, including two randomized-controlled trials (RCT). A recent RCT - the largest in the digital MSK space at n=1,245 - demonstrated that Kaia’s Computer Vision-based intervention outperformed traditional MSK treatment across pain reduction, functional ability, and mental wellbeing. Additionally, a recent study validated Kaia’s technology to be as accurate as in-person PT in providing exercise feedback and ensuring patient safety. Please see both studies attached. Kaia’s positive impact is also reflected on program outcomes across our book of business. One example is a health system in Florida with 4,000 employees, where MSK has been one of the top 3 cost drivers for claims, impacting around 30% of the population. After implementing Kaia in 2019, they saw 4.3% engagement among the eligible population within 2 months of launch, with 5.1 exercise sessions completed per active user, on average. For employees, the program resulted in a 50% pain decrease and high user satisfaction at NPS=62. For the employer, launching Kaia resulted in a 25% decrease in number of MSK claims, as well as a reduction in cost per claim, compared to the previous year. “We love the fact that it was easy for our employees to start as they only needed their own phone. Kaia has been amazing to work with and helping us to make the program work for our population. In addition, our leadership is very impressed with the impact we have had on our employees in such a short time.” – Director of Benefits

Why Us

Instead of simply digitizing existing care models, Kaia trailblazed a new approach to pain management by combining cutting-edge technology and patient-centered care into an easy-to-use mobile app. Rather than creating service duplications like other “rip-and-replace” solutions, we integrate with existing care ecosystems, offering nimble partnerships and streamlined care pathways.

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