Problem Tech Solves

CardioFlux is an FDA-cleared biomagnetic imaging solution that can detect myocardial ischemia in patients with chest pain and other anginal equivalents with: 1.) No radiation/contrast agents 2.) Only 90-seconds of data acquisition time 3.) No pharmaceuticals/exercise 4.) Better accuracy than a stress test CardioFlux leverages the principles of biomagnetism to measure the heart's naturally generated magnetic fields, which possess spatial information that is highly specific to myocardial ischemia and repolarization, making it an attractive tool for point of care imaging.

Tech Brief

CardioFlux is positioned to be the most cost-effective, safe and patient-centric alternative to stress testing for chest pain patients. Unlike stress testing and CT angiography, CardioFlux is completely noninvasive and radiation free. Furthermore, a CardioFlux scan is completed in less than 3 minutes, and is performed by a medical assistant or EKG technician (i.e. no physician is needed to perform the test). Lastly, patients with end stage renal disease or highly calcified arteries are neither contraindicated, nor otherwise affected negatively with a CardioFlux test, but these populations are very challenging to evaluate in the standard of care stress testing/CTA paradigm.

Tech Differentiators

Our early adopters are large cardiologist practices, as these groups see a high volume of Medicare patients, stand to generate significant topline revenue, new patient recruitment advantages and clinical benefits for patients, early. Early adoption from this market will pave the way for adoption in the hospital/ER settings as well, where the primary users will be ER physicians and cardiologists.



Why Us

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