Lark is a digital healthcare company that helps people prevent and manage chronic conditions through an AI-powered platform.

Julia Hu

Problem Tech Solves

As healthcare costs continue to rise, there is widespread recognition that more investment should be made on measures that can help prevent disease development and progression. However, the current care model that is clinician-centric is not scalable enough to accomplish this shift. We need to drive consumers toward preventive, behavioral, and lifestyle changes. Through our smartphone-based application of conversational AI, Lark provides unlimited, hyper-personalized, and holistic care -- anytime, anywhere -- educating and engaging members in their own health journey by maximizing accessibility and continuity of care. As a mobile platform, Lark provides unlimited remote coaching 24 x 7 x 365 -- no transportation, appointments, or copays necessary. Enrollment and onboarding are a matter of minutes. Thereafter, members can text with their Lark coach at any moment they want or need to, even if it’s 2 am on a Saturday, and receive personalized coaching within seconds. Through learnings from AI trained on nearly two million users, Lark is able to distill multimodal user data from smartphone motion sensors, connected remote monitoring devices, Apple Health or Google Fit, proprietary logging features, and in-app surveys and screeners into simple, timely feedback and recommended actions. Within texting conversations of just 3-5 minutes, Lark provides highly individualized coaching, education, and support, and surfaces the most salient and impactful information and interventions for members in a clear, efficient manner. In sum, Lark’s anytime, anywhere accessibility and data-driven hyper personalization provide a scalable mechanism to empower members and drive a consumer-centric model of care necessary for prevention at scale.

Tech Brief

Lark’s prevention programs are delivered via a mobile app, which leverages text-based conversational AI for coaching, logging, and tracking. Lark integrates multimodal user-specific data points with learnings from six years of tech R&D and AI trained on nearly 2 million users to provide hyper-customized, dynamic, real-time coaching. Member health data is captured through a variety of sources, even when members are not directly engaged with their health coach. Passive data collection through smartphone motion sensors, platform integrated devices, and fitness tracker integrations augments information captured via proprietary logging features, member conversations, and in-app surveys. Lark’s feedback on biometric readings, activity levels, nutrition, sleep, and medication adherence is tailored to each individual’s history and current needs on a recording-by-recording basis. Lark additionally implements in-app screeners to identify at-risk members and prevent future conditions. Broad population reach and data capture allow Lark to effectively screen, identify, and escalate users with pre-existing conditions, comorbidities, or additional care needs. For example, Lark runs highly successful digital awareness campaigns to mass diagnose and enroll those with prediabetes. Additionally, Lark implements clinically validated in-app surveys, such as the PHQ-2, to identify and escalate escalate those members who may have additional care needs to appropriate resources. Such seamless escalations maximize efficiency of care across entire member populations while empowering consumers to drive their own healthcare journey.

Tech Differentiators

Lark’s main competitive advantage is our industry-leading use of conversational AI. While nurse-driven virtual management platforms like Livongo and Omada may use other forms of AI to supplement their live provider components, Lark is an AI-first platform. Our programs are delivered through conversational AI coaching, which serves as a first line of defense to maximize the value of partner live care resources. This AI-first approach drives market-differentiating cost-efficiency, scalability, resource efficiency, and interoperability. Lark’s use of conversational AI eliminates the need for costly and time-intensive sourcing, hiring, training, and funding of nurses and live coaches. While other programs’ dependence on limited coaching resources constrains their potential reach of enrollment, engagement, and treatment, Lark can onboard and treat your entire at-risk population immediately. Our exceptionally low operational costs facilitate program costs approximately 50% lower than other programs, affording the opportunity to engage the entire scope of your at-risk members. Whereas live provider-based programs introduce yet another source of fragmented data and care to an already fragmented system, Lark’s AI-driven platform provides non-duplicative care that augments the value of your existing resources. Lark allows your clinicians to work at the top of their licenses by surfacing and communicating the most effective intervention points, detecting long-term issues before they are actualized, and delivering alerts for urgent clinical events. Additionally, our use of conversational AI allows us to provide unlimited, hyper-personalized, and holistic care -- anytime, anywhere -- educating and empowering members to engage with their health and ultimately drive meaningful behavioral changes.


Lark’s disease prevention and management platform is helping patients live healthier lives, reducing the complications associated with their conditions, and preventing disease progression. Lark’s most recent DPP study demonstrates an average weight loss of 5.2% initial body weight over 12 months in CDC DPP qualifiers. Lark particularly excels in engaging and driving outcomes in typically hard-to-reach populations: over half of participants in Lark’s digital Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) reside in areas with insufficient access to primary care providers, and members in these areas have matched our outcomes across our broader DPP cohorts. A 2019 study of Lark’s Diabetes Care Program found that members achieved a significant reduction in A1c levels of 1.1 points after four months using Lark Health. A 1 point reduction in A1c resulted in a 43% lower rate of diabetes-related complications according to research in the Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy. Participants in a study of Lark’s Hypertension Management Program saw an average blood pressure reduction of 8.4/6.4 mm Hg at six months. Reducing blood pressure by 5 mm Hg is estimated to reduce the risk of stroke mortality by 14 percent, according to research in the Journal of Hypertension.

Why Us

Lark is transforming healthcare for patients suffering from or at-risk for chronic conditions, with virtual, highly scalable, on-demand, personal care. Currently contracted to manage over 30M patients, we are succeeding in our mission to make compassionate, clinically effective healthcare accessible to anyone who needs it.

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