Our mission is to increase access to vision care by leveraging innovation and technology

Yaopeng zhou

Problem Tech Solves

The Smart Vision Exam reduces the costs of healthcare for both our customers and their patients. At once, it helps optical stores perform vision exams without needing to pay a state-licensed doctor to be physically present to conduct the exam. Instead, we provide off-site, state-licensed ophthalmologists and optometrists who review the results for each of our customer’s patients and can access those prescriptions through our telemedicine platform. The businesses with which we work can subsequently extend their hours because they do not have to wait for a doctor to be present to write prescriptions. Our device reduces the cost of healthcare because certain barriers that previously existed when they generated eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions no longer exist. The Smart Vision Exam costs far less than a regular eye exam, even with insurance. We charge optical stores just $25 for each exam. This cost covers both the fees for our device and for the off-site doctor affiliated with our company who interprets the results of each exam. The optical stores we work with charge approximately the same amount to their customers for each exam that they perform with our device, or they input the cost within each pair of glasses that they sell.

Tech Brief

We figured out a way to manufacture wavefront refraction technology 10 times cheaper and 10 times smaller. Wavefront technology has been widely used in the LASIK industry in the last 25 years, but it was too expensive and bulky to use outside doctor offices. With our inventions, we are able to bring this technology to the mass market, including optical retail shops, pharmacies, schools and factories, by leveraging portable device for data collection and connectivity to doctor for data interpretation. Smart Vision labs is seeking to increase access to vision care around the world. Many people do not renew their eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions for many years. Socioeconomic factors, age, and location determine how easily people can get access to vision exams in the twenty-three countries we work with. Those who cannot readily get vision exams go about their lives with severely uncorrected vision. People with uncorrected vision tend to be 20% less productive and receive an income that is 20% lower than they would receive if they had corrected vision. We want children to be able to read the blackboard at school and perform better academically. Likewise, we want drivers to be able to see the roads they are driving on and accountants to more easily read spreadsheets and more successfully perform their jobs. Overall, we want to make people’s lives more successful and fulfilling. We want people to reach and go beyond their potential. Proper vision care is the key to achieving that goal.

Tech Differentiators

We offer a unique solution that leverages a lightweight device and connectivity to deploy the solution anywhere in the world. Our store and forward telemedicine can maximize the efficacy of prescribing doctors and in turn to reduce the cost of the eye exams. Our solution has been used in some parts of Texas and California, where immigrants don't want to get eye exams in doctors' offices. To access our solution, they will go to a local supermarket and get their vision checked. They will pay cash that is less than the copay of vision insurance. They are able to get better jobs and support their families.


During pandemics, a lot of private optometric practices stopped taking patients, and optical shoppes using Smart Vision Labs solution are able to keep seeing patients. One of our customers from Idaho said: ""I’m the Licensed Optician that conducts the Vision Tests, and I’m excited to tell you how grateful our customers are to have a choice when it comes to their optical prescriptions. This is truly a game changing service that our communities deserve. " Some of optical stores are also able to increase their revenue during pandemic, because of the unique offering of telemedicine eye exam that is safe for consumers. One of the optical shops from Queens, NY expanded to two more locations during 2020.

Why Us

There are more than 50% US population who doesn't have vision insurance, but 70% of the population needs some type of vision correction on their face, to be able to work and learn. We can greatly reduce the cost and help those people to see better.

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