Evidation’s platform leverages person-generated health data to maximize engagement and drive better health outcomes.

Deborah Kilpatrick & Christine Lemke

Problem Tech Solves

People spend a very small percentage of their time in medical facilities. Yet, a majority of medical data is collected during doctor’s appointments, which provides a brief snapshot that may not be reflective of a person’s true health condition. Fortunately, the advent of wearables and connected sensors have made it possible to generate data from everyday life to provide a more complete picture of health and disease. Evidation makes it possible to collect and use this data while also allowing people to participate in research, reap rewards for taking actions that benefit their health, and participate in tailored health programs that provide valuable insights that help them manage their health. At the same time, Evidation’s biopharma customers and research partners use these insights to understand how individuals live with disease and experience treatment.

Tech Brief

Evidation is the first company to help digital health and biopharma companies generate evidence for their treatments while encouraging individuals to use that evidence to manage their own health. Over 4 million members currently use Evidation’s Achievement app, which is open to all adults in the United States. Members represent nine out of every 10 ZIP codes in the U.S. and a wide array of therapeutic areas. In addition to contributing to research, members have access to health programs based on the insights generated from the app. Through Achievement, which is also accessible via browser, individuals can link smartphones, wearables, and connected devices. These devices generate heart rate, activity, sleep quality, and other health-related data. People can connect to their health apps like Strava and MapMyFitness. They can participate in surveys and provide a variety of patient-reported outcomes (PROs). Achievement members are rewarded for taking these regular health actions and participating in research, which is a long-held and common practice in traditional medical research. Using this data, Evidation’s research platform helps nine of the top 10 global biopharma companies and other researchers design and conduct studies to spot health changes earlier and faster than ever before, shedding light on novel medicines and therapies. Evidation generates this data with unprecedented speed and scale all while prioritizing privacy – never collecting data or using it for research without a member’s permission. The app utilizes a consent-per-use model and obtains approval each and every time data is used.

Tech Differentiators

Besides Evidation’s unparalleled ability to gather and analyze large amounts of data, Evidation’s unique and trusted relationship with millions of Achievement users sets the company apart. Achievement is a virtual platform enabling anyone to participate in health research and programs. Built upon a foundation of user privacy and control over permissioned health data, Achievement is trusted by millions of members who generate data with unprecedented speed and scale across over 30 therapeutic areas.


Evidation has conducted over 100 studies, including major projects with Apple and Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Recent projects demonstrate the product’s growing validation among industry stakeholders. Evidition has partnered with other health experts, too. At the end of 2020, Evidation announced a collaboration with the American College of Cardiology to lead the digital transformation of cardiovascular care delivery. In its mission to transform cardiovascular care, the American College of Cardiology tapped Evidation to create Achievement for Heart Health, an individualized and curated health program co-developed with a leading group of cardiovascular specialists to help shape the digital program. Participants in the program will share their activity, sleep, blood pressure, and symptom information from permissioned apps and wearable health devices. This data will help individuals to understand and engage with their cardiovascular health outside of the clinic. Evidation and the American College of Cardiology will share relevant insights for managing heart failure. The data will be synthesized and structured into a useful format for researchers and sponsors as they develop products and services. In July 2021, Evidation announced a collaboration with Merck to use health apps and wearable devices to study and detect the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s in elderly individuals.

Why Us

Evidation’s Achievement platform empowers people to participate directly in research that impacts their health and receive valuable insights in return. These virtual and decentralized trials create critical data that advance biopharma research and ultimately produce better treatments.

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