Plethy is delivering accelerated recovery from MSK injuries and quicker return to work for employees, while reducing costs for employers.

Raja Sundaram

Problem Tech Solves

Musculoskeletal conditions are over 50% of the work related injuries. This results in over 1.6 Million missed work days per year due to workers comp.

Tech Brief

Plethy Recupe is a comprehensive system for musculoskeletal care with Joint Motion Sensor, Smartphone App, Healthcare Dashboard & App, AI, and proprietary Algorithms. We are the only solution addressing all musculoskeletal conditions (Surgical and non-surgical): Ankle, Knee, ACL, MCL, Hip, lower back, Lumbar / Cervical, Shoulder, Elbow, and Wrist. Employees manage their care protocol at home twice a day. Clinic team has visibility to employee’s adherence and recovery progress. Real time telemetry drives personalized care and quicker intervention. The solution generates unique data streams and integrated care plan that cannot be derived elsewhere, leading to goldmines and high value expansion targets. We use this data to drive dynamic correlation for personalized care plan, quicker intervention, cost reduction, and data driven recovery. Solution Video: Our solution is FDA Registered - Class II exempt.

Tech Differentiators

Plethy has a strong IP position and is very differentiated in the market, with meaningful patient recovery data. We are the only comprehensive solution in the market addressing all joints in the body Comprehensive system for musculoskeletal care with Joint Motion Sensor, App in iPhone and Android phone, and Algorithms. - Proprietary Sensor collects dynamic movement data from any joint – flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, inversion, eversion, rotation. - Algorithms drive patient engagement and adherence, risk stratification and over time wellness. - Real time telemetry across pre-habilitation to rehabilitation across multiple provider transitions (Clinician, home health, clinic PT). Aggregated to drive precision care and deliver early warning system for clinical interventions. - We drive patient engagement through behavior tracking and tailored coaching. We see the competitive landscape as follows: a) App-only solutions. These are mainly educational or patent reported. b) Point-solutions – These are primarily knee-only solutions or Physical Therapy solutions. c) Pain management solutions without clinician oversight offered through HR benefits programs.


UCLA has published a study on us - modeling bio-mechanics and validating sensor accuracy. We are partnering with Harvard and Cleveland Clinic for a study. Sample Patient Testimonials (Patient testimonial videos at 1) Roger - Procedure: TKA “Recupe recovery process gave me that structure. Recupe reminded me to get it done. I did all my exercises while I was watching Hallmark movies” 2) Sherry - Procedure: THA & TKA “Recupe was amazing in helping me prepare for surgery. Got me a little strength building before surgery. After surgery, I did all of the exercises and got my independence back.” 3) Gail - Procedure: TKA “To be monitored, I felt more connected to the surgeon. To have your Recupe app…to do your exercises, that part was so emotionally motivating.”

Why Us

Musculoskeletal conditions is the leading cause of work related injury and constitutes a disproportionate amount of cost in care delivery and claims. We should win this category as we have a patient tested and clinician loved solution that is easy to use and delivers accelerated, quantifiable recovery, while saving cost.

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