Impacting Patient Care with AI

Ohad Arazi

Problem Tech Solves

Zebra-Med’s mission is to impact hundreds of millions of patients' lives by teaching computers how to read and diagnose medical imaging scans. In a world where 4Bn people lack access to expert radiology advice, with a growing and aging population, burnt-out and retiring radiologists, there is an acute need to leverage existing imaging data, in order to quickly build AI solutions that will help doctors and patients. At Zebra-Med we try to solve the global supply vs. demand problem in radiology, empower radiologists and help them and health providers manage the ever increasing workload without compromising quality of care.

Tech Brief

Zebra’s Imaging Analytics Engine receives imaging scans from various modalities and automatically analyzes them for a number of different clinical findings, in a timely manner and full synergy with radiology workflow. Zebra uses a proprietary database of millions of imaging scans, along with machine and deep learning tools, to create software that analyzes data in real time with human level accuracy – providing radiologists the assistance they need to manage ever growing workloads, without sacrificing quality.

Tech Differentiators

Zebra Medical Vision’s AI solutions allow healthcare institutions to identify patients at risk for various medical acute and chronic conditions. With 9 CE marks, 6 FDA approvals and commercial deployment globally, it provides an All-In-One (AI1™) solution - access to an ever-growing AI solutions integrated into radiologists workflow Zebra's technology has a huge data validation set of of approximately 30 million scans. The solution is fully integrated into the radiologist worklist / workflow, with global installations with proven record of working with the Zebra AI1 solutions. Zebra offers a high level of professional service for all AI1 solutions, operating a ‘one-stop-shop’ for multiple clinical verticals. Our solution provides a complete dictionary of normal and abnormal findings that are automatically detected and analyzed.


Zebra-Med’s automated detection of vertebral compression fractures is deployed at the Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and helps in identifying compression fractures on commonly performed chest and abdominal CT scans. The deployment of the AI solution, which received FDA clearance and CE mark, is advantageous to value-based healthcare systems, has the potential to reduce secondary fractures in high risk patients, and reduce additional related costs. Zebra-Med’s solution was able to increase the number of detected patients in Oxfordshire by 400% without increasing human resources. Based on the Royal Osteoporosis Society data (June 2019), this would translate to £570K per year in gross savings for Oxford. Hospital chain Apollo - the largest health provider in India - partnered with Zebra Medical Vision to deploy the AI1™ (All-In-One) bundle of solutions to transform India’s response to COVID-19. Based on a machine learning algorithm that analyzes CT scans, Zebra’s AI COVID-19 solution provides an automated AI tool for timely and accurate diagnosis of COVID-19. Zebra’s software leverages a patented algorithm to enable a faster alternative for detection of COVID-19, as a decision support tool for allocation of ER and ICU resources. All 71 Apollo hospitals send their Chest CT scans to Radiology International’s dedicated COVID Report. Zebra's Multi-Modality Triage solutions has shown to save physicians more than 80% of the time taken to reach acute conditions

Why Us

With proven commercial deployment globally, Zebra-Med's AI solutions support radiologists and allow healthcare institutions to identify patients at risk for various medical acute and chronic conditions. With 9 CE marks and 6 FDA cleared solutions, our ever growing AI solutions are fully and automatically integrated into a radiologist’s workflow.

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