Providing personalized and coordinated care to anyone, anywhere.

Ryan Van Wert, MD

Problem Tech Solves

Over 12 million adults in the US are living with a serious illness, and they often need and desire enhanced support and care coordination while pursuing curative treatment. Vynca addresses this problem by providing a tech-enabled clinical service that helps patients meet their complex medical and social needs. Through personalized palliative care services and digital advance care planning – we ensure seriously ill individuals are provided access to an interdisciplinary palliative care team, are empowered in their current and future care, and have access to critical documentation. When individuals have access to palliative care and care preferences are known – quality of care is improved, unwanted healthcare utilization is reduced, and cost of care is lowered. Each individual is provided an interdisciplinary palliative care team that consists of a physician, nurse, social worker, case manager, and chaplain, ensuring that they receive the supportive care they need. Additionally, Vynca's clinician and patient-facing solutions allow care plans to be captured and are shared across disparate health care settings and are accessible to family members.

Tech Brief

We partner with hospitals, health plans, ACOs, primary care providers, and specialists to manage their seriously ill individuals and provide whole-person, comprehensive care. We offer a tech-enabled advance care planning platform with single sign on and integration into the EHR. Through best practice workflows, care teams and patients are able to complete, view, digitally sign, and share advance care plans across care settings. Additionally, our interdisciplinary team provides supportive care when and where an individual needs it – often from home and through telehealth services. During a time of distress, patients are able to connect with a provider they have built trust with via telehealth to understand care options. They, and their care team, are able to digitally access critical care plan documents stored in the Vynca network.

Tech Differentiators

Almost $205 billion is spent on care for individuals in their last year of life. As these costs and the number of individuals living with serious illness grow, educating clinicians to have conversations around serious illness and future care preferences continues to be a challenge. And while there is technology available to digitally document conversations and care preferences, they are often only available to clinicians who have access to that particular technology - many times only within the four walls of the hospital. Vynca offers a serious illness, tech-enabled platform that allows healthcare organizations to manage the lives of their most vulnerable, expensive patients – and not limited to the hospital setting. While some organizations offer just technology, engagement in advance care planning conversations, or palliative care services, Vynca provides all of these: technology and analytics used to identify and assess individuals who would most benefit from an advance care planning conversation and palliative care services; comprehensive, whole-person palliative care services; and the technology needed to digitally capture information, share across care teams, and coordinate care.


Vynca is focused on improving the patient experience, decreasing costs, and increasing quality. In one study to better understand Vynca’s impact on the last 30 days of life, we reviewed one year of death data from Oregon and focused on our impact on bed days, hospital admissions, ED visits and hospice metrics. Results: 23% fewer ED visits 28% fewer hospitalization 37% fewer in-patient bed days 53% higher hospice facility death

Why Us

Vynca improves quality of care while simultaneously decreasing the cost of care for the seriously ill– those who account for $205 billion of spending in the last year of life. Our technology and services decrease unwanted healthcare utilization and ensure care is delivered in the appropriate setting.

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