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Kal Vepuri

Problem Tech Solves

Medication nonadherence is a phenomenon that’s long-stymied the medical community. On average, just half of prescriptions are taken as directed, accounting for an estimated 125,000 premature deaths and as much as $300B in avoidable healthcare costs annually. Hero’s end-to-end medication management service was purpose-built to eliminate all barriers to med adherence, from vision and dexterity limitations to access to a pharmacy and caregiver support. Our holistic approach has helped thousands of Hero members attain a 98% monthly median adherence rate –– far exceeding the national average of 50%. Hero is also designed with the looming caregiver crisis in mind. Despite the caregiver occupation emerging as one of America’s fastest-growing professions, most caregivers are stretched thin and headed for burnout. Of the country’s 53 million unpaid family caregivers, most work full or part-time jobs on top of supporting their loved ones. By 2034, Americans aged 65 and older will outnumber U.S. children for the first time in the nation’s history, and 7 in 10 of these older adults will eventually need long-term care, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Hero is uniquely capable of easing the burden of complex med management for caregivers. Our medication management app allows caregivers to remain connected with members even when they’re not physically together. By providing real-time adherence data, alerts if a member missed a dose and even the ability to adjust settings remotely, Hero helps caregivers deliver better and more informed care while also reducing their stress and anxiety.

Tech Brief

Hero is the first end-to-end connected medication management service combining a smart pill dispenser, medication management mobile app, integrated prescription refill and delivery and 24/7 member support. With more than ten issued patents, Hero’s smart device intuitively stores, sorts and dispenses up to a 90-day supply of up to 10 different pills according to the member’s unique medication schedule. The connected mobile app sends members reminders when it’s time to take a dose, plus lets members know if they missed a dose or if any medications are running low. Hero also includes caregiver features, providing those supporting members with critical adherence data and notifying them if the member was late or missed a dose, as well as the ability to control the device’s safety settings remotely. Hero helps guide members along their wellness journey, adopt healthy behaviors and improve their medication adherence while keeping them connected to caregivers and loved ones. By managing dose schedules, sorting, dispensing, refilling and tracking adherence, Hero liberates patients and caregivers from the burden and anxiety of medication management so they can enjoy safe, independent and full lives.

Tech Differentiators

As the only holistic medication management solution, Hero offers unparalleled member and caregiver support. Our team regularly monitors device performance and proactively engages with members to ensure the highest quality care and help remove the barriers to medication adherence. Hero’s smart pill dispenser intuitively sorts medication, eliminating the need for people to presort their prescriptions — a challenging task for those with vision or dexterity limitations but one that is required with other dispensers and pillboxes. This technology makes life easier for Hero members and their caregivers and helps mitigate the chances of sorting errors. Hero’s service is also unique in that it notifies members when medications are running low and offers an integrated prescription delivery service for end-to-end care. In partnership with AdhereRx, Hero syncs medication cycles to deliver all of a member’s prescriptions to their doorstep together every 30 days. Moreover, Hero’s membership service addresses every part of medication management, from dispensing medications, sending real-time medication reminders via a smartphone application and providing prescription delivery and automatic refills. Hero’s end-to-end service simplifies and streamlines medication management for the patient, their caregiver and their loved ones, offering peace of mind on top of improved adherence outcomes.


Hero is an integral part of thousands of people’s medication routines. In fact, since launching in 2018, Hero’s devices have successfully dispensed more than 42M pills across all 50 states. This year alone, the number of pills dispensed was up 448% year-to-date. Members have achieved a monthly median adherence rate of 98%, far exceeding the U.S. population’s 50% adherence rate. Additionally, Hero is a trusted partner of the Home Care Association of America (HCAOA), the leading professional organization for non-skilled home care, as well as the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA), the preeminent professional association for aging life care professionals, also known as Geriatric Care Managers (GCMs), in the U.S. Hero’s innovative and holistic end-to-end approach was also recognized with the 2021 Best-Connected Health Platform award from MedTech Breakthroughs and recently received its third consecutive honorable mention for the Fast Company World Changing Ideas in the health category. These accolades further prove that Hero’s technology and membership service are delivering results.

Why Us

Hero’s end-to-end service helps members take the hassle out of taking medications, fostering healthy behaviors for a safe and independent life. Our holistic approach to med management also supports caregivers, helping them deliver better-informed support while relieving some of the stress and anxiety of providing vital care.

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