Revolutionizing Cancer Therapy with Conditionally Active Biologics

Jay M. Short, Ph.D.

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Tech Brief

We have initiated Phase 2 trials for our two latest stage ADC product candidates in multiple high unmet need cancer indications, including sarcoma, I/O failure NSCLC and melanoma. We are also supporting investigator-initiated trials in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer.

Tech Differentiators

The overall treatment landscape is exceptionally limited for patients with sarcoma who experience the failure of a frontline anthracycline-containing regimen. Sadly, exceptionally few sarcoma patients respond to further agents. Specifically, from historical phase 3 clinical trial data, overall response rate (ORR) was only 6% for pazopanib and 9.9% for trabectedin. In our first-in-human clinical trial, four of seven patients with advanced, treatment-refractory sarcoma whose tumor expressed the AXL target achieved confirmed responses after treatment with CAB-AXL-ADC, i.e. BA3011. Moreover, having documented a complete response lasting more than two years in treatment-refractory metastatic melanoma patient with CAB-ROR2-ADC, i.e. BA3021, we’re observing similarly impactful responses across a range of cancers that express target antigen, providing considerable evidence for clinical benefit.



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