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Dan Vahdat

Problem Tech Solves

Huma has created a single, modular real-time remote patient monitoring platform that can be used across diseases for research or care. It combines predictive algorithms, digital biomarkers and real-world data to advance proactive, predictive care and research. As our platform is modular, our partners in healthcare and life sciences can configure the system they need, choosing the modules they want, setting which symptoms are collected, which questions are asked, the alert thresholds, care plans and added patient information. It's a system they feel ownership of, which means they trust it and are engaged, which in turn sees high adoption and adherence amongst the patients and trial participants. Patients or participants are prescribed the app by a clinician or research organisation. They use it to add data such as heart rate, temperature, breathlessness, movement or answer clinical questionnaires or specific questions. Data can be added through connected medical devices and wearables. On the other side, clinicians and researchers can see the real-world data collected in real-time (and patients are notified when it has been viewed) and any concerns are flagged using a traffic light system so that care can rapidly be directed where it's most needed, when it's most needed. This includes being able to interact with the patient, have telemedicine consultations, alter prescriptions and change the care plans.

Tech Brief

Digital technology and therapeutics is an emerging category in healthcare and research. Huma has an internal R&D team with experience in developing digital biomarkers and measures and algorithms and validating and translating them into products for use in research and care. This allows us to leverage sensors in the phone to collect vital signs, which is highly innovative, scalable, improves patient experience and adherence and is not offered by our competitors in the RPM space. We also work with partners to develop more digital biomarkers, rather than just run trials, and have collaborations with leaders in this field. Our combination of RPM and DCT also means we can offer patient recruitment for trials through our healthcare work. No other company can provide this, and patient recruitment is one of the greatest challenges in clinical trials. When we partner with clients we offer far more than providing technology services or solutions, instead we are an innovation collaborator, offering novel tools and approaches to clinical and research teams to collect more objective, better quality data. This leads to improved regulatory and reimbursement decisions in research and improved patient outcomes in health care settings. For example, Huma is involved in the London-based DiscoverNow diabetes programme which aims to fundamentally change the care pathway for diabetes nationally. Our capabilities allow us to assess the inefficiencies in the current diabetes care pathway by analysing the EMR data of 2-3 million people. This is already leading to reduction in HbA1C levels.

Tech Differentiators

Our products, technology and innovation partnerships are targeted at healthcare systems (HMOs, ICS, Provider collaboratives) and care providers (clinics, GPs and primary care, care homes, hospitals), payers (insurance companies) and governments and life-science companies and academic institutions and large employers such as Unilever. The end users are clinicians and physicians, researchers, patients and research participants. Whilst the needs of our buyers matter, we focus on them by meeting and specifically designing our products around the requirements of our end users. We have a very user/patient centric approach, and include continuous, iterative feedback. By designing the products and services in this responsive way, we ensure adoption and engagement with the products, which creates better value for money for our customers.



Why Us

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