Rising Stars & Best in Class awards

The 2024 Awards Season spotlights our Rising Star and Best in Class winners, honoring their potential as the next big companies in excellence and innovation, while paying tribute to the continued innovation and impact of our Best in Class companies in digital health.


Rising Stars

  • Team currently less than 50 employees or FTEs
  • Founded in past five years (2018 or later)
  • Product is in market or market trials (FDA approval, but not a requirement)
  • Referenceable customers (customers’ quotes or video testimonials is recommended)
  • Currently or is projecting minimum of $500,000 in sales or ARR by the end of 2023
  • Capitals raised to date: < $50 million
  • Each company can only submit one entry in the best-fit category.

Best in Class

  • Must have at least one in-market solution and can demonstrate significant growth, solid traction and existing customers
  • Number of employees is greater than 50 employees or FTEs
  • Capitals raised to date: post series A with capitals raised > $20 million (Around the mean US Series A in 2021)
  • While companies are encouraged to submit only one entry in the best-fit category, a maximum of two entries will be considered if there are multiple distinctive product lines. A company can only reach the finalist round in one category


Consumer Wellness

Digital health products, services, and experiences designed to prioritize the overall well-being of consumers, empower them to take control of their health and prevent health problems from occurring and/or worsening.

Dental Health

New This Year!

Digital health products, services, and experiences focused on maintaining and improving oral health, including the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of dental conditions and diseases.

Food as Medicine

New This Year!

Food and beverages that lead to healthier lifestyle and/or the prevention or management of chronic disease

Health Equity

Digital health products, services, and experiences that provide a fair opportunity to consumers to attain a high level of health based on their needs.


Home Health Diagnostic

Remote Diagnostic Device, Platform or Tool
Remote solutions for diagnosing and monitoring patients with health concerns or illness to improve their quality of life as well as help healthcare providers better monitor their patients outside of clinical settings.

Kids Health

Formerly Pediatric/Adolescent Care Innovation
Digital health solution that can revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered to children/adolescents, making it more efficient, effective, and accessible to all.



Digital health product or solution that can transform the way we age and ensure better health, function, and productivity during a period of extended longevity.


Best in Class

Mental and Behavioral Health

Solutions targeted to address or improve mental or behavioral health & wellness, based on ease of access to care, clinical validation, proven outcomes, as well as privacy and security

Provider Diagnostic

Clinical Diagnostic Device, Platform or Tool
A digital diagnostic technology for point-of-care monitoring that can significantly improve decision-making in the clinical setting. This technology can not be used outside of care facilities or administered by patients themselves.

Women's Health

Championed by

Medical devices, software, and digital therapeutic apps that improves women, female and girls’ health and wellness by addressing conditions that solely, disproportionately, or differently affect them including reproductive, menstrual, sexual, pelvic floor, vaginal, oncological, bone, brain, autoimmune and heart health.

Best Story Series

Best AI Healthcare Win

Best AI Healthcare Win

Was your company behind the best use case of AI in healthcare in 2024? Submit a short story, including your provider or payer partner about how your tech changed patient diagnostics or engagement and transformed the institution. We’re looking for # of patients served, time to implement, processes displaced, patient satisfaction, and, a workforce better deployed. We are looking for the dreams we’ve been talking about for decades but now happening!
Biggest Healthcare Savings Story

Biggest Healthcare Savings Story

Was your company behind the bigger $$ savings in healthcare in 2024? Submit a short story including whatever you can from your payor or provider about how your tech improved the cost of care. 2024 is about saving $$ and making providers profitable as today’s tech delivers more than ever before. Includes stats on # of patients served, dollars saved per location/across the provider, processes streamlined, patient continued satisfaction, and legacy systems displaced. We want to highlight the best of the best and who is helping drive healthcare costs down.